Anne Frawley-Mangan


Anne Frawley-Mangan is an experienced educator, presenter and writer with a long and loving association with drama, learning and liturgy.  She specialises in using The Arts (particularly drama) to enhance Religious Education and Liturgy.  

Anne's Master's thesis, entitled 'Drama and Religious Education: A Match Made in Heaven', examined how the Arts can enhance religious knowing and celebration.    

Anne presents acclaimed workshops and keynotes in North America, New Zealand and Australia.  She has produced a number of creative drama-based scripture resources for children and has collaborated with Michael on two religious musical plays.

Anne is a sessional lecturer in Religious Education at Australian Catholic University and teaches Speech & Communication at Holy Spirit Seminary in Brisbane.  

She has been passionately involved at All Saints Catholic Parish, Brisbane for over 25 years, especially in the Parish Liturgy and Family Mass teams.
Anne believes that you can never have too much drama in your life!

Anne is available for: