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Doors of MercyDoors of Mercy

Songs and Prayer Celebrations for the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy
Five “ready to go” Prayer Celebrations:
  • Open Up The Doors Of Mercy
  • Reconciliation: Our Door to God’s Mercy
  • Works of Mercy
  • The Saints: Models of Mercy
  • Mary: Mother of Mercy
This fully downloadable resource contains:
  • PDF scripts for each Prayer Celebration
  • PPTs containing song lyrics & spoken responses
  • MP3s & PDF sheet music for 10 NEW songs by Michael Mangan


Song Title Listen
Doors of Mercy
Litany of Mercy
Mary's Songs of Praise
Mercy Shall Be Yours
Never See a Need
Show Us Your Mercy (Intercessions Response)
Sing Mercy
We Can Be God's Mercy
Whatever We Do


Prayer Celebration sample pages

PDF Sample page 1 PDF Sample page 2


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Doors of Mercy

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