Multi Campus School Intranet Licence



Get audio recordings into every classroom without copyright concerns!

Legally burn Litmus Productions recordings on to compilation rehearsal Cds.

One small annual fee allows your school to upload any Litmus Productions CDs to your school intranet for use in every classroom.

The school must:

  • have a password protected intranet system
  • have purchased, and have present in the school, a CD copy of each song to be copied or album  to be uploaded.
  • burn individual songs only to compilation rehearsal CDs and may not burn or copy entire albums.
  • not share Litmus Productions recordings with any other entity.
  • not remove burnt compilation CDs from school premises. 

The licence covers the period 1 February to 31 January each year and will be automatically renewed upon payment of our annual invoice.

Mid-year purchases will be charged pro-rata for the first year.


The annual fee is based on school student population and for multi campus schools will need to be calculated by us.

So that we can calculate the licence fee, please tell us the number of campuses, and the student population. We will email a quotation.

On acceptance of the quotation, we will mail out your licence which becomes current on the payment of the accompanying invoice.

Audio recordings must not be uploaded until the fee has been paid.

We will bill you annually for the continuation of this licence.