That We Might Live

By:  Anne Frawley-Mangan & Michael Mangan (2010)

ISBN:  978 0 9805497 1 3


A Musical Play for Holy Week & Easter

  • A perfect way for Primary schools to tell the Easter story & involve every student.
  • One scene & one song for each year level plus a central cast of 19 actors.
  • 7 new songs by Michael Mangan.

Ruth and Jacob, two school friends from Jerusalem, meet up after the Passover Holiday and share their experiences beginning with Jesus arriving in Jerusalem. Others, including Mary, Peter, John and Mary Magdalene, join them to tell their part of the Easter story.

Product consists of:

  • Book containing script, background & production notes, sheet music.
  • CD containing both vocal & backing versions of the songs + Word version of script.

Song Titles Track # Listen
It's Easter Time 1
Hosanna, Here Comes Jesus 2
Called To Serve 3
In Memory Of Me 4
In The Garden 5
That We Might Live 6
At The Tomb 7
Alle, Alleluia 8
Alle, Alleluia (Reprise) 9  
It's Easter Time 10  
Hosanna, Here Comes Jesus 11  
Called to Serve 12  
In Memory Of Me 13  
In The Garden 14  
That We Might Live 15  
At The Tomb 16  
Alle, Alleluia! 17  
Alle, Alleluia! (Reprise) 18  


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That We Might Live

That We Might Live

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