Mark My Words

By Anne Frawley-Mangan (2012)

ISBN:  978 0 9805497 4 4


  • 20 Short dramas based on Scripture from Mark’s gospel.
  • Suitable for Middle to Upper Primary classes.

You’ll love these creative and engaging ways to explore and proclaim scripture with children!

Product consists of:

  • Book containing scripts and background notes.


Script titles:

Entry Into Jerusalem (based on Mark 11:1-10)
Get Ready! (based on Mark 11:1-8*)
Home Town Prophet (based on Mark 6:1-6)
Stay Awake! (based on Mark 14:32-41)
Follow Me (based on Mark 2:13-17)
Like A Child (based on Mark 10:13-16)
He Called Us Thieves (based on Mark 11:15-19)
Rich Man (based on Mark 10:17-22*)
All She Had (based on Mark 12:41-44)
Give to God (based on Mark 12:13-17)
Transfiguration (based on Mark 9:2-10)
A Voice From Heaven (based on Mark 1:7-11)
Believe! (based on Mark 11:22-25)
Help My Unbelief (based on Mark 9:15,22-24)
One Big, Happy Family (based on Mark 3:20-21, 31-35)
Body and Blood (based on Mark 14:22-26*)
Who Do You Say I Am? (based on Mark 8:27-30*)
Calms The Storm (based on Mark 4:35-41*)
Go Tell The World (based on Mark 16:15-20)
That Kiss (based on Mark 14:43-50)


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