Litmus Productions School Intranet Licence

Get audio recordings into every classroom without copyright concerns!


One small annual fee allows your school to:

  • upload to your intranet any Litmus Productions CDs your school owns.
  • provide every classroom with direct access to Litmus Productions resources.
  • Legally burn Litmus Productions recordings on to compilation rehearsal CDs. (Individualy songs  only - not entire albums)

The school must:

  • have a password protected intranet system
  • have purchased, and have present in the school, a CD copy of each song to be copied or album  to be uploaded.
  • not share Litmus Productions recordings with any other entity.
  • not remove burnt compilation CDs from school premises. 

The licence covers the period 1 February to 31 January each year and will be automatically renewed upon payment of our annual invoice.

Mid-year purchases will be charged pro-rata for the first year.

The annual fee is based on school student population.

We will bill you annually for the continuation of this licence.

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Litmus Productions School Intranet Licence

Multi Campus School Intranet Licence

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Single Campus School Intranet Licence

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